Facts you should learn about AIO APK-The ultimate guide!

If you are a smartphone user, we are pretty sure that you have already come across through AIO downloader APK very well and you have experienced most of the benefits. However, if you are not familiar with it so far, please do not get upset. Whether you know AIO APK already or not, hereafter you will know everything about it once reading this. 

AIO downloader APK is an application which is designed for Android devices users as an alternative for Google play store. There are several names for the app such as A to Z downloader, All in One Downloader, etc, because it provides many advantages. You are able download apps, games, videos, music files and more as much as you want. 

Are you looking for technical details?

Before we discuss the benefits of the application, we should know some significant technical information. It is supportive to enhance your technical knowledge further and get the maximum benefits of the application. 

As we already know the application’s name is AIO Downloader APK. It was introduced and developed by TreeTown. The latest version is v5.0.6. And it is done in August 2018. The app size is 4.5 MB and the supportive device should be Android 4.1+.

What does APK stand for? 

When we talk about the application all the time, term APK is also often used with it. Perhaps you may not know the meaning and real reason for using it. Since there are a lot of guys who are so curious about the term, we thought to talk about it in detail. APK is the short form used to introduce JAR and ZIP Android Package. It is simply a package file format that used in Android devices and it is not authorized by Google play. It is used for the Android operating system in the purpose of distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware.

What are the features and benefits of AIO Downloader APK you can experience?

As an app which is unauthorized by Google, there are no any undergone rules or limitations. You can download any kind of apps without any restrictions. Sometimes, if you use Google play, many apps are restricted in some regions. However, with AIO downloader, you do not need to bother on limitations. At the same time root is not required. However, the device is secured at the ultimate level, though it is exposed to an enormous number of apps. Money is not considered here. You can download anything, like premium games, YouTube videos, music, even the latest movies without spending a single penny. All of the facilities are free of cost and unlimited.

On the other hand, the updates for downloaded apps are notified when they are available. If the updates are not compatible with your device, you can just ignore them without hesitation, since the old version remains active all the time. 

Technically the app does not require a huge storage of your device. Actually, this is one of the best news of AIO downloader. It was designed to function with lesser space. 

Finally, it is time to download your AIO and experience the benefits while entertaining with free of charge. 

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