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AIO Downloader or AtoZ Downloader is one of the most popular and the best play store alternative out there. You can get a lot of paid games and apps for free. The other cool feature which All In One Downloader APK has is that you can also download the latest movies in full HD quality for free with ultra-high speed.

We all know that there are a lot of Android Apps Stores available on the market which you can use for downloading paid Android apps and games on your Android device. Then what is that thing which makes the All In One Downloader APK the most prominent and the highly recommended app?

The thing is it is super cool, Android App Store, if we compare the Aio Downloader with the other app stores like Google Play Store, then we will find a lot of features which are not on the Play Store. For example, you cannot find many apps on the Play store like Bcmon while you can get it on All In One Downloader APK for free of cost. There are a lot of other features too in this app, and I will discuss them in detail below, but for, now let’s move on and learn more.

As you guys know I always prefer to start the tutorial with some necessary steps, so, let me clear the basis of this cracked app store below which will help you to understand the things more efficiently.

What is Aio Downloader?

All In One Downloader is and Unofficial Android app which you can install on your Android device using the APK file (download links are given below). This is a cracked app store, latest movies downloader app, and a movies downloader app, the app is also known as AtoZ Downloader due to its developers are using two different names for this app.

If you ask about the price, then Aio Downloader its 100% free for life and if you download it on your device then you will get the future updates too, each new update has some new features and improvements. I have written a detailed guide on what is AIO Downloader and a list of the important FAQs which will be very helpful for you.

Download All In One Downloader APK

Till now we have discussed a lot of things about the AtoZ Downloader Android app, and now you will be looking for how to download this fantastic app on your Android device.

Well, it is not very simple to download and install this app on your device the reason is that it is not available on the Google Play store, as you guys already know Play Store doesn’t allow any other app store on it, so you cannot directly download it on your device.

In this scenario, you have to download the APK file on your smartphone which you can later install on your Android device. I will also guide you the step by step procedure of installing the APK file on your Android phone but first, you need to download the APK file which you can download by clicking on the below download buttons.


Download AIO Downloader iOS App

Awesome, you got an iPhone and want to download the iOS app on your iDevice then you need not worry about anything. Although we know that the AtoZ Downloader or AIO Downloader is specially designed for the Android users but if you still want to get the iOS app then don’t worry. Click on the below download links for the All in One iOS app.


How to Install AtoZ Downloader APK on Android?

If it is for the very first time that you are going to install an APK file on your Android device, then you may be confused that how to install the app on your smartphone and how it works.

Most of the time, we don’t use an APK file of the apps which we want to install. Instead, we just use the Google Play store and apps are directly installed on our phone by the click of a button.

But in case of an APK file, we have to install the app on our device manually. So, just follow the steps given below to get started;

Step 1. Enable installations From Unknown Sources

You know that Google is powered by Android and Google wants to make the data of their users as much secure as they can, for this purpose you cannot install any app which is not available on the Google Play. But in our case, we are going to install an APK file. So, we need to enable the installations from Unknown Sources.

I have explained the step by step procedure below which you can follow;

  1. Launch the app drawer, and find the settings app by tapping on its icon.
  2. In the settings app menu, scroll down to find the Security options, once you see it just tap on it.
  3. Now you need to find the “Installations from Unknown Sources” you can find it by scroll down a little bit.
    Tap on Unknown Sources
    Tap on Unknown Sources
  4. Once you find it, just tap on the Enable button, by doing so, you will see a warning message, once it shows up tap on the OK button.
  5. That’s it; you have successfully enabled the installations from unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 2. Installing the All In One Downloader APK

Its time to install this app on your Android device, we can now install the AIO downloader on our device very easily the only problem was the unknown sources and its over now. So, let’s move on and get started with the app.

You can follow well-explained steps to get started;

  1. First of all, you have to download the APK file by clicking the above download links.
  2. After downloading the app, open the Downloads folder on your phone and tap on the app.
  3. Now installations wizard will be launched, there tap on the NEXT and then on the INSTALL button.
    Tap on Install to Install the App
    Tap on Install to Install the App
  4. The app will be installed on your Android device within a few seconds.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the All In One Downloader app on your Android device.

How to Use the AIO Downloader App

Using an app for the very first time may be a little bit difficult because we are not aware of it. But if you read some guidelines about these apps then you can easily get started with it. For this purpose, I have written a few lines below which you should read and once you read the guides given below you will be able to use the AIO DOWNLOADER smoothly.

  1. After you have successfully launched the app on your device, you will see its icon in the app drawer, simply tap on its icon and the app will be launched.
  2. Upon launching the app you will see the home screen of the All In One Downloader.
  3. At the home screen, you can find the 3 basic tabs MUSIC, MOVIES, and APP & Games.
  4. First of all tap on the MUSIC tab and here you can find all the kinds of music on your Android device.
  5. You can download any of the Music by their singer, you can also find a lot of popular artists in the popular box.
  6. Now, let’s move towards the MOVIES tab, here you can download a lot of latest and the popular movies in full HD Quality with 3x speed for free.
  7. If you want to search for any movie then you can also by typing the name of that movie in the search bar.
  8. Once you liked any movie which you want to watch/download, simply tap on its icon from the search result.
  9. On the next page you will be able to download the movie but if you want to watch it online you can also watch.
  10. Finally, go to the last, app that is the APP & GAMES tab, in this tab you can download a lot of Android apps and games.
  11. If you love to play games then you can also download the modded games from AIO Downloader.
  12. Now let’s search for any game or app. Here in this example, I am going to search for the Minecraft, which is a premium Android game.
  13. In the search result, click on the Minecraft and you will see the app page.
  14. In the app details page, you can find the ratings, download button a few images and some information about the app.
  15. As we want to download the app, so click on the Download button the app will be downloaded on your Android device in an APK format.
  16. After the download has been completed, the installation wizard will launch automatically tap on the next and then install button.

So, guys, this was a step by step user guide on how can you get started using the AIO Downloader application on your Android device. You can spend some more time on the app and you will learn about All In One Downloader even more.

A Few Silent Features of All In One Downloader APK

I think that my this tutorial will not be completed until I describe you the most prominent features of the AIO Downloader app. You can use the All In One Downloader for a lot of purposes. And you know what it has many useful features which I have described in detail below. And I hope you will really enjoy them.

  • Totally Free: AIO Downloader is 100% Free for lifetime mean you will get this app free and all of its features free of cost.
  • Get Future Updates Too: There are a lot of other apps like this app but the one feature which other apps lack is they don’t get updated as AIO Downloader gets. It is updated with some new features and improvement very regularly.
  • No Need to Root your Phone: Most of the apps like All In One Downloader requires you to root your phone, but in this case, you don’t need to root your smartphone as it runs without root access.
  • Download Cracked Games: There are a lot of Android users who love to play Android games but they really can’t clear the difficult levels. And the cracked games are the best solution for such situations. You can download the modded games and can then install them on your device for very easy gaming.
  • 100% Safe & Secure: AIO Downloader is 100% secure and the developers are also continuously trying their best to improve the app as much as they can. Now you can download an app and the app will be 99.9% secure.
  • Download Latest Movies: If you love to watch the movies then you also download all the latest movies for free on your device, the best thing is that you can also download movies in full HD Format in 3x speed.
  • Download All Paid Apps For Free: If you are a student and can’t pay for your favorite games and apps then you can download the paid apps and games for free from the All In One Downloader.

AIO Downloader APK Alternatives

I know there may be something not good in AIO Downloader that is why you may be interested in downloading some alternatives on your smartphones if you didn’t like the All In One Downloader. That is why I thought I should also include some alternatives so that you can find all the information that you were looking for on just one page.

Below are a few decent alternatives to the AtoZ Downloader and I hope these alternatives will be very useful for you.

  • Ac Market: AcMarket is an also a new but a decent cracked app store with a lot of amazing features. You can download the Ac market APK for free of cost from their official site. The best thing about the AcMarket app is that it doesn’t show up any kind of Ads to you.
  • Aptoide: Aptoide is just another great app store but we cannot say it cracked app store because you can find only original apps not any hacked version of any game. But the usage of this app over the other apps is that you can download a lot of apps that are not available on the Google Play. For example, Videoder is a YouTube video downloading app and it is not on Play Store while you can download it for free from Aptoide.
  • TuTu Helper: All In One Downloader app cannot be installed on iPhone because the nature of both apps is different. For iPhone users, you can download the TuTu Helper app on your iOS Device.

Final Words

So, guys, this was all about AIO Downloader APK. I hope you have enjoyed this Android app and it will be worth for you. If you have any questions or suggestions about the All In One Downloader then you can ask about them using the contact form.


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